Tomato of City by Pinar Kantar from Istanbul, Turkey.

And she said that she likes me as a tomato. Can you believe this?!
From the Brush of Artist - I’m Pinar Kantar from Istanbul, Turkey. I run a blog on Instagram which is “Sehir Domatesi” (Tomato of City). In this blog, tomato, the main character, explores cities and shares its thoughts about city life. It tries to talk with people but mostly fails, it loves animals and play with them, and it’s a true lover of traffic! It tries to help other people about going across and driving safe with its own way. I think the complexity of city and a little fresh tomato in front of it makes a delicious contrast. As the day goes on, it’s character become clearer and it keeps my excitement high. I enjoy its friendly, positive and curious fundamental and sometimes even I surprised by its reactions. Here are some examples from its adventures:

It's been one year today. One year ago today I said "Without any commercial, how much a tomato can known?" and today we're a family which has got 750 members. And we will grow more. I'm glad you are here! Happy birthday to me, happy Valentine's Day to you!
-Does it fly?
-Does this carpet fly?
-Hasbinallah ve nimel vekil...
-No Arabic. Do you have flying one?
I pollinated all over here, watch out before you sit.
I used to play around here when I was green. I used to rustle my leafs to chickens, ah those were the days!
We have these pills for bring down the fever. If your temperature is over 104 F, you can take hormones. But I don't advice it. I used to took it for a while, then I gained weight and I quitted immediately.
Sometimes I'm afraid of rain because it may cause to wrinkle but my genes are good. My grandma for example, she still looks so fresh.
I can't walk like models but I roll nicely.
Swimming is one of my favorite hobbies. I mean, striking out is a little hard for me but I love swimming under water. Actually I can't swim under water, I only settle. Oh, I guess I don't know how to swim.
I'm not good at math but I think these balloons are enough for lifetime. If I demand nicely, would he give them to me?
If I fall from here it would be terr... Oh no no, hold me tight, dizziness is starting, hold me!
Ferries come, people go, tomatoes stand. 
Helloo! Do you mind if I work with you? But I'm not something to eat. I mean, my concept is different. Oh I think you guys don't like to chat much.
Look, when I say "now", light is gonna turn green. Now! Umm... Well, let me try just one more time. Now! Uh, eheh, anyway, how are you doing?
Is it rain? And there is a word "vein". A lot of new words I gain. Words will explode my brain.
Look, it's unfair. You cross the road, then this side's turn, then you agai... Oh, I guess I'm waiting at wrong spot, ok ok, go on. 
Sir, would you please? I can't see!
I used to want to be an astronaut but I became a traveler. Nevertheless, it's better than being a salsa sauce.
What do you mean by saying "there is only blacks and whites"? I'm red?
Oh, Mars? Sure sure, just go to up. Yes, up. When you leave the atmosphere, go straight opposite of the Sun. You will see a red planet; it is Mars.
I sat on the autumn, it can not run away.
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All Images are copyright by: Pinar Kantar

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