Water Drops (Macro Photography) with Dan Mab from Australia.

An small Interview with Dan Mab.

Who and from where are you?

I'm Dan, husband, father and macro nerd and I'm from Australia. 

How you got into this?

I've always been into arts and have always been creative. I first tried photography in college but quickly became terrified of the complexity of it, soon dropping out of the class and never looking back. I regained my love for it with my discovery of Instagram and the amazing macro captures that were shown there. I quickly bought my first macro lens for my iPhone, eventually upgrading to a point and shoot camera before winning my Nikon in a macro competition. All my photos are taken in the 'wild' and are naturally occurring and never set up and this is a fact I'm proud of. I'm lucky to have large areas of natural bushland behind my house that call to me each day begging to be explored. 

What is your driving force?

I just love macro photography! I'm always trying to get a different view of the subject, that keenness to see if I can pull off a shot no one else has managed to get. Everywhere I go I'm always looking down trying to spot my next shot...I'm surprised I haven't walked into a pole yet! 

What kind of work you do and why?

I primarily do macro shots. I love wet grass and the magic that each little drop holds. Where most see wet grass I see dancing light and watery worlds that only exist for but a moment before the slightest breeze or the heat of the day end them. I also have a fondness for insects and love the charming personalities that most have. I would like to expand into other areas but at the moment macro photography has a firm grasp on my creative heart. Why do I do it? Simple really I just love the hidden worlds that are at our feet and I want to share the beauty of the macro world with anyone who'll pay attention. 

For more of Dan Mab Check this link of his Instagram account:- https://www.instagram.com/dan_mab/

All Images are copyright by: Dan Mab

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