Sculpture Artist Nick Ervinck from Belgium.

Sculpture Artist Nick Ervinck from Belgium.
An Interview with Nick Ervinck.

Who and where are you from:

I am an artist born in 1981 in Belgium. Currently I have my own studio in Lichtervelde, Belgium. The focus of my work is digital prints, 3D prints and large polyester sculptures.

How you got into this?

I have always wanted to be an accountant, art was never a topic in our home, I never even visited a museum when I was younger. Play has always been there in my life. When I was very young, I played and built things with Lego blocks. Later, this turned into the virtual building blocks of a whole series of God games; computer games such as SimCity, Settlers, Traffic Tycoon and Caesar. I'm sure that this is how my understanding of computers came about. Architecture has always fascinated me, so it was my first choice when I switched to art school. But the lessons on perspective theory didn't interest me and the scale models I made were not always feasible because I wanted to go beyond what was being offered to me on the course. I switched to ceramics and graphic design. When I discovered software such as Photoshop, a whole new world opened up to me. I suddenly realised that you can do a lot more with a computer than just play games. I studied 3D multimedia at Ghent Academy. My focus was primarily on performance and video art then, and I played around with computer effects. But I didn't really find my way in this and so I switched to the Mixed Media course. There, I gradually found my feet.

What is you driving force?

Everything I do is about the freedom that I need to preserve in order to be able to create. you play God over the world that you've created yourself. You have complete control over the laws of nature. A few extra suns or trees raining out of the sky? Done. There are barely any limits and I find that fascinating. What I do as an artist, I do 24/7. It's my passion, it's the reason I get up in the morning. I actually see the computer as an extension of my body: an external hard drive in which I save all my images in order to create extra space in my head. I am constantly moving forward, expanding my oeuvre and reframing my concepts.

What kind of work you do and why?

The studio takes a vanguard position in the field of digital technology (such as 3D technology and computational design methods). My oeuvre has one foot firmly planted in the digital world. Using copy paste, and depending on the actual task and its context, I apply images, shapes and textures of extremely diverse origins.  I create my own universe while simultaneously referencing both classical sculpture and contemporary pop culture. I explore the boundaries between various media, in order to explore the aesthetic potential of sculpture, 3D prints installation, architecture and design. Consequently, I am particularly interested in how the computer can be used in the realisation of new, organic and experimental (negative) spaces and sculptures within sculptures and how the tension between blobs and boxes is articulated during the digital designing process.

Block Art by Cristina Céspedes Bracho.

Block Art by Cristina Céspedes Bracho.
An Interview with Cristina Céspedes Bracho.

Who and where are you from?

I am Cristina Céspedes Bracho, with Degree of Fine Arts since 2005 and Culture Manager in art & museum since 2010. I was born in a coast city in the south of Spain, Malaga.

How did you get into this?

When I was a little girl I learned to paint with the oil technique, thanks to my mother who saw me in something special and enrolled me in an academy. Art has always accompanied me. After the Career I also studied Decoration. In a master's degree in Art History, I discovered that I could not only do pictoric works, but I could also work in large urban interventions. I dedicate myself to cultural mediation and bringing art to different audiences in museum halls has made me look for interactivity in my works.

What is your driving force?

I research and play with various supports, looking for new languages, having as a technique of preference the oil, which has accompanied me since very small. The expressivity of color is fundamental in my work, as well as the energetic brushstroke, making its mark evident and turning the action of painting into a process of personal liberation.

What kind of work do you do and why?

The interactivity with some of my pieces is important, I allow their gamification, getting the viewer involved. The subject creates his own works based on what has already been created, generating new meanings and also becoming part of them with his action.

My work in recent years is centered on the impersonal portrait, based on photographs taken or found that serve as inspiration to represent the passage of time and gestures in the faces, reflecting the discomfort, indifference or nonconformity of a society in decadence of which we are all part.

Block pieces are works that can be decomposed. Faces that can be interchanged, combined with each other, interact with each other showing empathy. Full portraits are reacting to an outside stimulus with their gestures, but they can easily be decomposed. I catch a simple reaction that changes nothing of the world around them, it is not goodness simply empathy.

Urban Pop Portraits by Adam Craemer from Australia.

Urban Pop Portraits by Adam Craemer from Australia.
An Interview with Adam Craemer.

Who and where are you from?

My name is Adam Craemer.  I am a South African born artist based in Perth, Australia.

What made you become an artist? Could you tell me more about your background?

I completed a year of graphic design in South Africa after leaving high school where I also studied art and textile designs.  This was down to both my parents being artists and my older brother studying art, so I guess it was a natural progression for me to do the same/copy my older brother.
I then left South Africa to travel around Europe and the UK where I stopped doing art altogether for various reasons, but still had an appreciation for artworks of all formats, going to exhibitions, galleries and checking out street art whenever I could.

Then I moved to Australia and fell back into art again, helped by a firm push from friends and my partner as well as a need for some alone time / reflection time.  I sold one or two pieces for next to nothing to some friends, and then suddenly I was being asked by more and more people for work.  I went from just doing art again for me, to doing pieces as a form additional income.

ArtWork by Heather Freitas from United States.

ArtWork by Heather Freitas from United States.
An Interview with Heather Freitas.

Where am I from? 

I have lived primarily in the Midwest. I was born in Chicago and lived in rual Wisconsin and Minnesota growing up. Nature has always been important to me due to this experience and what I believe has impacted my work so much. When I was in Elementary school we moved to Arizona and upon middle school I was back in the Midwest. My fundamental years were spawned memories of fishing, wolves howling and the vastness of the forests. The animals in them and the mysteries they held. They were magical for me and somewhere I felt peace. 

Upon graduating High School I moved back to Arizona to attend Arizona State Univeristys Herburger Fine Art college to obtain a bachelors in the arts and I have not left sense. Still every year I go back for a week in the summer to my small home town in Wisconsin and our family cabin away from modern society. It continues to fuel me and my work. 

How did I get into this? 

Ever sense I can remember I have been drawing. Upon entering High School my parents pushed me to take an art class, little could they image it would be my entire world thereafter. I have always loved challenges and after my first assignment my teacher assigned a charcoal project. She saw potential in me so as I watched her walk around the classroom handing each student a white piece of paper and a black piece of charcoal when she got to me things were not the same. She handed me a black piece of paper and white piece of charcoal and told me to draw in reverse. To push me even harder. I was hooked and from that moment I took as many art classes as I could and knew it to be my dream to one day be a full time artist. 

Artwork by Amy Mazzetta

Artwork by Amy Mazzetta
From the Brush of Artist - Making Art is my oldest memory. I was Born in Bremerhaven Germany in 1961. I spent half of my life in USA and Italy. I have a BFA from The Atlanta College of Art and a Masters of Fine Art in Painting Printmaking and Art History. I taught Art at the Atlanta College of Art and at Woodward Academy for ten years and continue to teach workshops and private lessons.

The Technique I have developed is based on the Italian Fresco's I spent so much time with, my experience in Printmaking processes and love of relief. I made many murals in my life and fresco. Finding the only problem was that they were stationary. So my pieces began as "movable" walls, finding the rather thick aggressive technique and experimentation in carving and layering to work well on the wood surface. In the last year the pieces have become much smaller and the focus more on the human face and the inner spiritual qualities that might emerge. My studios are in Atlanta, GA and Monteleone di Spoleto, Italy .

Artworks by Manneraak from Norway.

Artworks by Manneraak from Norway.
From the Brush of Artist - My artist name is Manneraak from my grandfather. My background is as a fashion photographer. I have been lucky and been able to work with great clients all over the world. And I loved it. But since we all got digital I have missed to work with my hands. Before I did a lot of work in the darkroom, but these days it is more about getting the file to the magazine as quickly as possible. For three years ago I decided to change my work life and go for my artwork. In a much more physical way. I started to print my photos on big canvases, 1 x 1,5 meters and then I started to experiment with the surfaces on these canvases. I scraped at them, I destroyed the surface and I painted on the canvas. In the end, I photographed the result and made editions. I choose different paper in the final works. My favorite is Moabs «Slick rock» paper, a metallic paper that gives a very special finish. In late october 2015 I had an exhibition in Canoe studios in Chelsea New York and it became a success and launched the opportunities for me to have exhibitions in great galleries in Rome (now) and Cannes in May.

Tomato of City by Pinar Kantar from Istanbul, Turkey.

And she said that she likes me as a tomato. Can you believe this?!
From the Brush of Artist - I’m Pinar Kantar from Istanbul, Turkey. I run a blog on Instagram which is “Sehir Domatesi” (Tomato of City). In this blog, tomato, the main character, explores cities and shares its thoughts about city life. It tries to talk with people but mostly fails, it loves animals and play with them, and it’s a true lover of traffic! It tries to help other people about going across and driving safe with its own way. I think the complexity of city and a little fresh tomato in front of it makes a delicious contrast. As the day goes on, it’s character become clearer and it keeps my excitement high. I enjoy its friendly, positive and curious fundamental and sometimes even I surprised by its reactions. Here are some examples from its adventures:

Fiber Art by Lauren Beach from Florida, United States.

Fiber Art by Lauren Beach from Florida United States.
From the Brush of Artist - My name is Lauren Beach and I am a nature-inspired fiber artist and watercolorist from Florida in the United States. I never dreamed I'd be creating art before I tried hand embroidery on a whim at the age of 29. I am a self-taught hand embroiderer, needle felter (wool painting is the exact type of felting I do, creating 2D felted images) and watercolor painter. I love combining different fiber arts in a single piece; adding silk ribbon embroidery to my hand embroidered and needle felted hoops adds another dimension to the work. I love sketching the lines of a piece, choosing the colors and creating something beautiful. Working in three different mediums sparks ideas and I'm usually working on at least one piece in each medium at any given time. 

Miniature Food Sculptures by Stephanie Kilgast from Vannes, France.

Miniature Food Sculptures by Stephanie Kilgast from Vannes, France.
Inspired by natural forms, Stéphanie Kilgast grows colorful organic sculptures on abstract backgrounds, celebrating the beauty of nature and implying the impending doom caused by human activities.

She built her reputation around hyperrealistic miniature food sculptures and learned how to handle what would become her favorite medium, polymer clay.

With a focus on natural forms and often ethics, she worked on the « daily veggie challenge » in 2015, where she sculpted a different vegetable every day to present the vast quantity of edible plants, while encouraging to reduce our meat and animal products intake for environmental reasons. At the same time, to brighten her own mood, she keeps getting back to insects and surrealism in the “happy bugs” series.
French, Born in 1985, Frankfurt am Main, Germany, currently resides in Vannes, France.

Micro Sculptures from Graphite by Salavat Fidai from Russia.

Micro Sculptures from Graphite by Salavat Fidai from Russia.
About Artist - Salavat Fidai was born and raised in a small village at the foot of the Ural Mountains in Russia. He grew up in a family of teachers who taught art at school. He was surrounded by a creative atmosphere and since his early childhood Salavat was interested in the Visual Arts. However, he never followed in the footsteps of his parents. At that time, he did not believe it was possible to make a living as an Artist. So he decided to become a Lawyer.

He graduated a Law Faculty and worked for more than 20 years in trading companies. He was successful in his career and received a senior role in a prestigious company. Although his life was very comfortable, he didn’t truly feel content with his Career.

He came to a turning point, when he began to reflect on the meaning of life and his purpose. He bravely left his job and spent a year searching for answers to the questions; Who am I? What is my destiny? He changed his lifestyle; no more Television, included some spiritual practices, a lot of reading and traveling with his family. Finally, he found his answers and decided to devote himself to art. He wanted to go back to a time, when as a child, he was painting every day! That is what made him truly happy, then and now.

Salavat decided to become an Artist in every sense of the word. He was beginning to see life in a different light, his world sparkled with new colours. He gained life’s true meaning, to see the beauty in everything and to do what one loves. It was a very difficult and risky decision to refuse a highly paid job, and to deprive his family of stable income. He was nervous about embarking on this journey without any guarantee of success.

With the support of family and friends, he began to believe in himself and gained international recognition.

About Carved Pencils - At school, I really liked carving sculptures out of wood and chalk. I liked to carve animals and portraits of ancient heroes. In early 2015, I returned to the forgotten passion and discovered a new material: pencil graphite rods.

This is a unique and very interesting form of art. Graphite is an extremely brittle material, and sculptures often break down in the process. But it does not upset me, on the contrary, I find it exciting and suspenseful. Every new sculpture is a challenge and there is no absolute guarantee that I will succeed. The more complicated the shape, the more interesting I find it.

The process of carving sculptures for me is like meditation. While working I listen to instrumental music, it helps me to concentrate and clears some space in my mind for inspiration. I have to work at night, when the whole family is asleep, so there are no interruptions.

I find ideas and themes for my sculptures in my surroundings; Movies and Cartoons, Animals, Pop Culture, Comic Books, Works of Art, Household Items and Architecture. Occasionally I get ideas from my fans and subscribers on Instagram.

Imaginary Realities by Tasscha Lico a Polish - Canadian.

Imaginary Realities by Tasscha Lico a Polish - Canadian.
From the Brush of Artist - I was born and raised in communistic country where obstacles were many ,but opportunities few.I never fit in and feeling different gave me a unique perspective . It is through art that I found a sense of freedom .It is where I can express my feelings and thoughts in a creative way and share them with audience .
It is people , their physical being ,and individual aesthetic that fascinates me everyone struggles with being perfect , seeking a way to be like everyone else ,accepted .But true perfection comes from all the ways we are imperfect ,different .It is person's flaws that makes them interesting . I paint what I see from their inner being as it is expressed in their appearance .
Photography allows me to unleash my creativity .In surrealistic style ,I can find endless possibilities to create imaginary realities .I'm telling stories through use of color ,texture, symbolism to evoke emotion in the viewer.

Lovely Miniature Art work by Jesus Ortiz.

Lovely Miniature Art work by Jesus Ortiz.
From the Brush of Artist - I am a boy of 38 years and I live in Malaga, although I was born in Códoba. I study art since I was 14 and it's what I like the most.

I like to have fun creating and at the same time, I want art to create awareness in other people.
I continue in a quest about who I am and what I am here for, art helps me to discover it.

Beautiful Paintings / Artwork from Pietra Piet.

 Beautiful Paintings Artwork from Pietra Piet.
From the brush of Pietra Piet - I want to tell you a secret....I sometimes feel a bit silly that I really enjoy painting.
But I adore the naive colorful things I make.

Time and space completely disappears when I handle my brushes and sprays.

So I took a big jump about 20 years ago. I started doing it professionally.

I think that is the best decision I made in my life; doing what I really love to do.